Make Money Proofreading

The only course you need to turn the grammar skills you already have into a successful side hustle as a paid proofreader.

How would you like to start getting payments like these?

You really can make money proofreading!

I’m not talking about a get-rich-quick scheme.

And I’m not talking about going back to college and earning a new degree to make more money.

I’m talking about using the grammar skills you already have to start a profitable side hustle. A side hustle where you’re in charge of how many extra hours you want to work. Where you get to do what you love to do.

You just need to know how to turn those skills you already have into some extra money.

That’s where I come in to help! I’ve proofread for over a decade, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had.

I want to help YOU have a side hustle you absolutely love too.


If getting paid to find typos and grammar errors sounds like something you’d love to do, you’re in the right place!

What you’ll get inside Make Money Proofreading


everything i wish i had known getting started

Get nearly 15 years of proofreading experience right at your fingertips. I’ve streamlined the process for you. 

How to get clients

It’s THE biggest question everyone has, so it’s the biggest part of the course!


How to use the most popular proofreading tools

You already know how to proofread. I’ll show you how to actually mark up your corrections and send them back to your clients.

Learn what you love

We do enough in life we don’t like to do. It’s time you got to learn to do what you love…and make some money while you’re at it. 

Get paid

After you’ve gone through the course, you’ll know what you need to get clients and make money proofreading!

View the course syllabus

Want to see what all 11 modules of Make Money Proofreading are? Click here.

I’m Elizabeth,

course creator, work-from-home entrepreneur, and fellow grammar lover. Over the past nearly 15 years, I’ve made thousands with my proofreading side gig. But there’s nothing special about me. YOU can do the same thing too. It’s all about taking the skills you already have and learning how to make money with those skills.

I’ve taken courses, googled (a ton…), masterminded with proofreading and marketing geniuses, experimented with different proofing methods…and made a lot of mistakes through trial and error.

With Make Money Proofreading, I’ve taken what I’ve learned and put it right at your fingertips! Now, instead of starting at square one, you can skip all the years of trial and error and dive right into what you know can work for you.

Ready to get started with your proofreading side hustle?

Make Money Proofreading FAQs

How do I know this course is right for me?

If you

  • can already catch typos and grammar errors
  • are pretty darn good at spelling and punctation
  • love to read
  • and aren’t afraid of working hard

this course is most definitely right for you!

On the flip side, if you struggle with grammar/spelling and you expect a course to do to all the work for you, this course probably isn’t for you.

I will give you the knowledge you need to take proofreading skills you already have and show you how you can make a profitable side hustle doing something you love! Just taking this course (or any course) doesn’t automatically equal clients or money. You have to take action on the info I give you inside the course.

If you are ready to learn and apply what you learn, you can get clients and make money proofreading!

How long does this course take to complete?

That all depends on your schedule and how much time you have to read through the course and apply it. The course is completely self-paced and you have lifetime access so you can make it work in your schedule! 

Do you guarantee I will get clients when I take your course?

I can’t guarantee you will get clients just from taking my course because it’s up to you to use the info I give you! But what I can guarantee is I will give all the information you need to proofread and get clients. This is based on my nearly 15 years of experience proofreading and working with fellow proofreaders.

I know you can do it! 

How will I get access to the course?

You will get instant access to Make Money Proofreading as soon as you purchase! I’ll send you an email with your login info, and you can jump right in and get started!

What is the course like inside?

The course is 11 modules, divided by units, with each unit dedicated to what you need to know about proofreading. With nearly 15 years of paid proofreading experience, I’ve taken what I’ve learned and only kept what you need to know to be successful and love your proofreading side hustle.

The course is a combination of written content and how-to videos.

What is your refund policy?

Because Make Money Proofreading is completely digital, once you have purchased the course, it is yours to keep. I do not issue any refunds.

Because of my no-refund policy, I make sure I give you all the info upfront that you need to make a smart purchase. If you have any additional questions you’d like to ask me so you can feel 100% confident about your purchase, contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them!

Do I need to be good at grammar to take this course?

You should be able to naturally catch grammar errors, misspellings, and wrong word use, but you don’t have to have every grammar rule memorized. Proofreaders have resources they use to help them with rules and spellings they get stuck on. Inside the course, we’ll go over those resources you need to compliment your grammar skills.

Instead of wasting your time teaching you what you already know, I focus on helping you use your skills to make money.

Can I join the private proofreading community later?

Absolutely! If you purchased course access only and later decide you’d like to add on the private community group for connection and support, just send me an email, and I’ll get you set up!

I have more questions. Can I email you?

Absolutely! I want to make sure you feel comfortable this is right for you before you dive in. Click here to send me an email. I will respond within 24 hours (please allow for additional time over weekends/holidays).