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14 Gift Ideas for the Work-From-Home Freelancer

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Looking for a gift for your favorite work-from-home freelancer? Something that is fun and practical?

Ooooooor maybe you work from home and want to treat yoself?

Either way, you will want to check out these top 14 ideas for work-from-home gifts!

Handy dandy side note here: Most of the links below go straight to products you can grab on Amazon Prime and have delivered within two days — or are gifts you can have sent straight to their inbox. (Perfect If you’re like me and you forget to order a gift until the very last minute…heh heh)

1. Heated blanket

My husband surprised me with this heated blanket this winter…and it has instantly become my favorite work-at-home accessory. It’s crazy soft and gets perfectly toasty. So I stay super warm and comfy while I’m sitting at my desk.

It comes in different colors too!

2. Coaster set

Staying hydrated is key to help keep the freelancer’s brain clear and focused — and keep energy up! Stop getting water stains on your desk: coaster set to the rescue!

Plus they’re a great way to add some color to a desk while serving a purpose.

Get some with motivational quotes.

Or an inspirational hymn.

And for my Harry Potter fans out there.

Want basic but effective: check out these cork coasters (I love cork coasters to absorb all the water coming off glasses!).

3. Water bottle

Along the staying-hydrated-is-importante theme…a good water bottle is a must. I’ll drink way more water if I have a big water bottle I’m not having to continually refill.

This one’s my favorite! Comes in different colors too.

Let me take a second here to rave about the straw that comes with this water bottle. It is soft and flexible, so if you like to chew on straws absentmindedly, this is the best (Don’t lie and act like you don’t find that as a bonus ;D). Plus they are pretty big for a straw, so you can easily drink smoothies through them. PLUS they are dishwasher safe.

If you want more of these ah-mazing straws, Bubba sells them separately in a pack #yaaaas

Ok, moving on…

4. Funny wine glass

When you work from home, you can grab an adult beverage whenever you need one. No judgment if that whenever is in the middle of the morning (totally been there…).

Get an insulated wine tumbler.

Or if you’re gifting a glass to a work-from-home manager, let them know they’re the best! (Pssh, gift it to yourself if you want — Michael Scott status)

5. Notebook

There’s something about being able to write down notes by hand rather than typing. I keep a notebook at my desk to jot down random ideas and thoughts I get, or if I’m really trying to remember something.

It’s way better having all those thoughts in a notebook too, instead of a billion sticky notes fluttering around everywhere.

There are a ton of notebook options on Amazon. These are some ideas!

This is a fun-sized notebook with lots of different cover options.

Inspire with a Bible verse.

Or take it to the next level and give a refillable leather notebook.

6. Pens

If you have a notebook, you have to get the pens to go with it. And I have the most hilarious one you can order. It’s the “No” pen. Push a button, and it will say “no” several different ways. Perfect to use when the day just isn’t going as planned — and will definitely make your work-from-home friend laugh. (Yep, I have one :D)

7. Motivational quote

Motivational quotes can be cheesy…but they can also be really effective to keep going when work gets tough. A small plaque to set on their desk or hang on their office wall is a great way for them to stay encouraged — and remember you whenever they see it!

Find a collection of motivational quotes here.

One of my favorite motivational sayings (I have this quote hanging up on my wall!):

8. Portable mini desk

Working from home means…getting to work wherever you want in your house!

While I spend most of my time in my office at my desk because I can concentrate better there, there are times when I’m doing mindless work and like to be out in the living room working. And it’s handy to have a portable mini desk when I do!

This desk is pretty neat because you can set it up on the couch with you or you can actually set it on your desk and create a standing desk. The legs and the tilt of the desk are all adjustable. And there are two size options. The larger size (which shows up when you click on the link) includes room for a mouse, which I’ve found pretty helpful!

9. An epic mouse pad

I have the funniest mouse pad on my desk that hasn’t made me stop smiling every time I see it since my husband got it for me a couple years ago.

Here’s the one I have (see how amazing it is?!).

Here are some other inspirational ones too, if you’d rather be a little more serious.

Or get a giant mouse pad (my husband has one like this!).

10. WordPress support

One of freelancer’s biggest headaches and time eater upper is dealing with their websites. WordPress sites are the most common, which require frequent upkeep and attention.

If you are looking for a gift a freelancer stressed out with tech issues and tired of dealing with problems, you can get them a month-by-month membership to iMark Interactive. Run by Grayson Bell, iMark Interactive is a WordPress support membership that troubleshoots, upkeeps, and improves WordPress sites.

I’ve worked with Grayson over the past year, and he has saved me so much time and frustration trying to fix stubborn WordPress issues I didn’t have the energy or brainpower to figure out. Plus he is friendly and super prompt in responding to tech support.

Note: When you purchase a membership, you have to create an account for yourself, which will allow you to cancel the month-to-month membership whenever you need to. You will just need to forward the welcome email from iMark Interactive over to the freelancer you’ve gifted the account to so they can set up their site with iMark.

11. Creative Market gift card

Creative Market is just plain awesome. They provide assets for all sorts of online freelancer needs like website themes (how a website looks/is designed), fonts, illustrations, textures, templates…you name it, they probably have it.

You can give a gift card to Creative Market here.

Note: You have to create a free account in order to see the purchase screen for the gift card.

12. Kindle book gift card

Books are the fuel freelancers need to grow! I can’t speak enough to the power of a book to inspire and expand the knowledge work-from-home freelancers can use to grow their business.

Amazon makes it really easy to gift books through Kindle gift cards. That way your work-from-home friend can pick out the books they’re needing right now.

Get an egift card.
A print-at-home gift card.
Or nondigital gift card (almost called it “real,” but the other ones are just as real, even if they aren’t the traditional plastic card :D).

13. House cleaning service

A clean house makes working from home so much better! But when you’re busy working, taking time to clean isn’t always the top of the list. The gift of a clean house is priceless.

Thankfully you don’t have to spend a ton to gift house cleaning though. You can find local, reputable house cleaners through Thumbtack.

14. Gift card to a restaurant

Going out to eat is a work-from-home freelancer’s highlight of the day. It means getting out of the house, socializing a bit, and not having to worry about what to fix for dinner.

Getting a restaurant gift card is one of my favorite treats…and a great reward after a really long day.

I want to hear from you!

These are my top 14 gifts to get a work-from-home freelancer — what about you? Do you have anything you’d add to the list? Maybe you work from home and have something you’d love to be gifted. Let me know in the comments!

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