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The 6 Steps to Get Unstuck Working from Home: How to Do Your Own Research

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How many times have you felt like you just could not get unstuck working from home? Maybe it was because you couldn’t figure out how to do something or you didn’t know what step to take next?

Maybe you’re lost because you don’t know how to finish building your website.

Or how to write a blog post.

Or what invoicing software you should use.

[Name anything right here you feel lost on]

So you feel gridlocked and you start to doubt yourself.

You feel like a failure and you’re just ready to give up.

BUT! Before you get frustrated at yourself!

There are actually six methods to help you not be stuck.

When you start to feel lost, like you don’t know what the heck you’re doing — start taking action by doing your own research.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to do something, and I have NO clue how to do it. Or I think I do, and then I quickly realize I don’t.  

Instead of feeling sorry for myself or giving up, I start researching how to do what I need to do.

And then by doing my own research, I actually learn how to do whatever it was I was stuck on.

That is one giant feeling of accomplishment to actually figure out how to do something I didn’t know before.

The problem is a lot of people don’t know how to do their own research — just because they haven’t been taught before. So they get frustrated and give up.

So to help you avoid that feeling, I’m going to take you through six “how to do your own research” action items you can start applying just as soon as you’re done reading this article!

get unstuck working from home using facebook

1. Join Facebook groups or forums

I have gotten so much FREE help from people inside groups, it’s incredible! There are so many people out there with way more knowledge on different topics than I have, and it’s great to either pick their brains inside the groups or look back and see how they’ve answered other people with similar questions

I start by searching for groups/forums in the same niche I’m in, like groups on working from home/freelancing. Very general topics.

And then I’ll search for and join groups/forums on specific topics I need help with, like Facebook marketing or content writing.

Now, I’m not saying every group I join is a winner. Sometimes I join, and I’m like, newwwwp, I’m outta here. And that’s fine! You don’t need to be cluttering up your feeds with info you don’t need.

Ask around for groups/forums other people in your niche recommend.

If you follow a blogger you really like and respect, see if they have a group/forum you can join.

woman using phone and laptop to get unstuck working from home

Side note: What to do once you’re inside the Facebook group or forum

Now here’s the thing. Once you’re inside a group/forum, don’t just start blasting questions right and left.

The online world is huge. But the niches inside of it can be pretty tightly knit. The longer I’ve been an entrepreneur, the more I start seeing the same faces inside various groups across a lot of topics. People will come to recognize you if you’re active in groups/forums — just make sure you’re recognized for good reasons, not bad ones.

For instance, back to my first point, when you join a group and have questions — use the search function first.

When you just jump into a group and start asking tons of questions without checking first, people have to reanswer questions they’ve already put time into answering. And you’re not likely to make friends quickly that way.

If they’re reanswering the same question, there’s a far lower likelihood you’ll get as detailed or as helpful a response this time around.

Many times the original questions have gotten more feedback from others in the group, so you will have the experience of a lot of people to pull from.

If you have further questions, you can ask inside the comments and bump the original question back up to the top — which will help other new people in the group, and allow people to respond more in detail to your question. It helps you and it helps the group. Win, win!

BUT, at the same time, don’t be afraid to ask questions in groups either. Most likely if you’re having a question about something, someone else will have the same questions too.

So if you use the search function and can’t find an answer to your specific question, post away!

As a courtesy, be sure to respond back to those who take time to answer.

Don’t be afraid while you’re in groups/forums to answer questions too! These groups are meant to be a give-give environment, so give back! YOU have a lot to give too — and it feels really good to be able to help others.

get unstuck working from home using google

2. Use Google and YouTube as a springboard

Google and YouTube have saved my butt so. many. times.

Sometimes I’ll not even know how  to word what it is I’m trying to do, and these two search engines will at least get me pointed in the right direction.

One major drawback about both is alllllllllllll the information out there that pulls up when you search. And then you have to plow through everything to find just the one answer you’re needing.

But it is a great place to at least get you started knowing where you can look further.

Often if your searches tend to be around the same topics (WordPress troubleshooting, for instance), Google will consistently show you the topic blogs on WordPress. Which leads me to my next point on how to do your own research…

get unstuck working from home reading blogs

3. Reference solid blogs

If your search results are consistently pulling up certain websites, then bookmark those sites and go directly to them the next time you’re searching for a question on the same topic. Most likely you’ll find some really good insight there over nd over again — and it saves all the time you have to put into Googling and reading through lots of sites.

As you find sites you really like and reference regularly, it’s worth signing up for their email newsletters to get great advice straight to your inbox.

And then go find them on social media too and follow them there. They might even have groups you can join too!

get unstuck working from home reading quality books

4. Read, read, read!

Books are an excellent resource to learn from. Unlike Google, where you have to sift through a lot of content that may or may not be relevant, you know if you find a good book, you have information at your fingertips.

Plus books are super easy to access. Go to your library and check out books! They’re free. (And a great, quiet place to work too, if you need to get out of the house).

If you don’t want to head out of your house, check out hoopla. It’s an awesome FREE resource of books! You just need a library card, and you can create an account to access thousands of audio and ebooks.

If you like to listen to audible books and need a wider selection than hoopla, get a subscription to Audible.

Or Scribd! Scribd has audiobooks along with ebooks and magazines you can access for just under $9/month.

Kindle Unlimited is another option for just under $10/month and over 1 million ebooks and audiobooks available.

Lots of options — so no excuse not to be reading and learning!

woman listening to headphones to get unstuck working from home

5. Listen

If you like  consuming content audibly instead of visually, definitely start listening to podcasts. My husband is a huge fan of listening to learn, and he gets so motivated and learns a TON just through podcasts!

The groups/forums you join will be able to recommend some awesome podcasts within the topic you’re interested in learning more on.

A lot of bigger bloggers are starting their own podcasts now. So if you have a favorite blogger, check to see if they have a podcast.

iTunes has the biggest selection of podcasts available to listen to, so check out their top recommended podcasts under whatever subject you’re interested in.

Spotify and YouTube also have podcasts available too.

get unstuck working from home by taking a course on a computer

6. Take a course

I used to think courses were a waste of money — I mean, I can just research and learn through all the ways I’ve just talked about (joining groups/forums, Googling, following bloggers, reading, listening), right??

And that’s 200% true. I can get a TOOOOOON of info straight from those five tips right there.

For instance, even though I’ve been an entrepreneur for a while now, I still Google like crazy and utilize Facebook groups.

But if I’ve learned one thing on my work-from-home journey it’s that I’m never, ever, ever done learning. The more I dive into the virtual world, the more I find I need to figure out and learn.

And I LOVE that. It means I’ll never be bored…and I’ll never be done growing and expanding my abilities.

It can be a little overwhelming sometimes though too.

One of the easiest, most efficient, best quality ways I’ve found to learn is to take a course on the topic I need to learn more about.

Because courses take ALLLLLLL the time and work I would have put into researching and trying to figure things out on my own and put them in one place for me. It’s organized. I know I can trust the material. And usually it’s insight that even if I had Googled for the info I just couldn’t have found, because it’s specifically from the course creator’s perspective.

Most course creators are have written their courses about topics they are really passionate about and know a ton on. It’s information they’ve lived and breathed, have put into practice, tested, tried, failed at…and learned the best way to implement. And then they package it up and put it in one course for me to read and learn from.

Ever since I started realizing the value that is packed inside online courses, I have loved learning through them.

laptop and phone next to notebook with pen

Even if I take a course on a topic I’m familiar with, I still usually learn stuff I didn’t know about!

Recently I bought a course where I knew 99.9% of the info inside the course…but there was one part of one unit in the course where they had some killer insight I hadn’t thought to implement before.

And it revolutionized the way I was able to provide information to you through my website. It was even something really simple! But just that one tiny part of this whole course made the entire investment in the cost of the course worth it.

That’s how powerful courses can be.

I know it can be difficult to shell out money on a course, especially when you’re working hard to build your own business and there is so much free, helpful info out there. Believe me, I hear you completely on that.

BUT (and that’s a big, big BUT) courses streamline information so much more effectively than any of your own research can do.

So if you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed, invest in yourself, in your business, in your work-from-home dreams, with a course.

It’s worth it!

Okay, that’s it for my tips on how to research! Next time you start feeling stuck, don’t let what you don’t know right at this moment make you give up.

Start using the tools I gave you.

Do your own research.



what about you

How do you like to do your own research? Which method (or methods!) here do you think you will enjoy implementing the most?

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