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8 Work-from-Home Office Essentials I Use All the Time

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What would my site be if it didn’t have a list of X number of work-from-home office essentials I love to make my business life easier 😂

But seriously, I use the following 8 items all. the. time. And they really do make a big difference in either how I feel while I’m working or helping me do my work better. 

1. Standing desk

At first, I was adamantly against spending the money to get an adjustable standing desk. I mean, sitting is pretty comfy… And it’s a little pricey — the most expensive thing on my list here.

But my husband kept saying it would help me feel more alert when I start to get sluggish, plus it’s better to not to be sitting all the time. (Check out this short article from a Mayo Clinic expert on sitting at a desk all day.) 

I guess my husband would like me to live healthfully for as long as possible, so he ordered me a standing desk 😀

And I have to admit, it’s pretty awesome. It has a handle on either side of the desk that let’s me raise and lower the desk to whatever height I need it. And it stays within its own frame so I don’t have to make extra room for it once it’s set on top of my desk.

Plus there’s plenty of desktop room to have my laptop, additional monitor, and even my keyboard. (It also has the extra pull out tray to keep my keyboard on.)

It’s really sturdy too. When I have it pulled up to standing height, it is solid. I just have to make sure I hear it click into place, and it’s good to go.

I’ve been really surprised how much more awake I feel standing up. And it gets my blood flowing, keeps me off my butt, and makes my back feel better.

I do get kinda lazy sometimes though and just leave my desk down where I sit, so I’ve found if I end the day by standing my desk up, it’s ready to go in the morning. Then I’ll start the day standing up and feeling good. When I’m ready to sit down later in the day, at least I spent some of my day standing up.

Note: The exact adjustable standing desk I have is currently out of stock on Amazon, so I found a comparable one in price, quality, and reviews to link to here for you.

2. Additional monitor

I mentioned my additional monitor above — lemme tell ya…I could never work with just one monitor again. I love to take my laptop around when I go to a coffee shop or when I’m on a trip. But it just feel so dang clunky to just have one screen.

It’s probably because I always have a million tabs open and am referencing a lot of items at once… but regardless, being able to have screen up to work on and another screen to reference any additional info I need makes a world of difference with my work efficiency.

Personally I prefer side-to-side monitors for ease of use, but I know one friend who puts her extra monitor above her laptop to conserve space! So if you don’t have much desk area but still want the extra screen, that’s the way to go.

3. Keyboard + mouse

Going along with my extra monitor, I also have a wireless keyboard and mouse set. The keyboard and touchpad on my laptop work fine and, like the extra monitor, it’s not like I can’t work without them when I need to take my laptop somewhere.

But I’ve found my typing speed and accuracy go waaaay up using a keyboard that has raised keys, rather than the flatter keyboards a laptop tends to have.

And those mouse touchpads on laptops?? BLERG. I can’t stand them when I’m trying to do any kind of graphic design work.

So having a separate keyboard/mouse is a must for me.

I specifically use this keyboard I linked here because it has the best feeling keys I’ve ever used. They are raised and super easy to find while you’re typing. and it has the most awesome clacking sound when I type 😀 (So if you don’t like a noise when you type, don’t go with this keyboard hahaha)

I’ve actually used a keyboard before that was a lot quieter…and that was not nearly as fun to type on!

Anyway…now that I’ve talked way too much about how awesome keyboard sounds are… (Do you feel the same way about keyboards??)

4. Heated blanket

My husband was out running errands one day this past winter and came home with this Serta heated blanket…and oh. my. goodness. It is the BEST. It is SO soft. And it gets just the perfect level of toasty warm.

I couldn’t ask for a better blanket to be warm sitting at my desk. (Because who else hates sitting at their desk cold and trying to work?)

Also, my cats also love it 😹

5. Water bottle

I’m very prone to getting migraines. I have two triggers, one of which is not drinking enough water. Which seems like that would be a really simple thing for me to always stay on top of. But for some reason, remembering to drink water isn’t top of my list.

BUT this water bottle really helps. It’s 32 ounces, so even if I only fill it up once in the morning, afternoon, and evening, I’m still getting plenty of water.

It has a handle so it’s easy to carry, I only have to fill it up once during each part of the day, and it’s insulated enough that it doesn’t sweat everywhere. Perfect combo.

6. Trello

Unlike the rest of this items in this post, Trello is used completely online.

Trello is an organizational app you can use on your laptop or phone to create lists. It keeps track of to-dos, due dates, helpful information, emails — it literally keeps my life together and makes my business run like a well-oiled machine.

And it has a FREE version that works awesome.

I had been resistant to trying Trello for a while because I was using Gmail folders to organize my email and sticky notes to organize my to-dos.

But when I finally decided to give Trello a try, I’m not exaggerating when I’m saying it was life changing.

I can keep everything organized in one place. I’m not living out of my inbox, I don’t have to worry about losing sticky notes, I’m not trying to remember a million due dates, and I’m waaaay less stressed.

7. Bookshelf

This one may seem really weird…but it’s pretty handy!

I don’t consider myself an extreme minimalist, but when it comes to what’s on my desk, I like it clean of anything except exactly what needs to be on there.

Clutter stresses me out, and it distracts me from focusing on work. So the last thing my desk needs is extra stuff on there.

I still want things conveniently close though, like my chapstick and lotion, pens, etc. So I keep a small bookshelf right next to my desk where I can easily reach everything — but it’s still out of my immediate work area.

8. Aqua NotesOkay, don’t laugh! This may be the funniest one on the list. But let me tell you…

Aqua Notes are ah-mazing.

The shower is my quiet, undistracted place to think. And I come up with a LOT of great ideas there!

The problem is I can’t write them down. By the time I’m out of the shower, I’ve forgotten everything.

Aqua Notes has completely solved that problem!

It’s a waterproof notepad that suctions onto the shower wall. So whenever I have an idea, I write it down…and then just transfer it to a Trello board later. It’s saved so many business ideas for me! I even did a Live on Aqua Notes 😂

What about you? What do you think?

That’s it for my list of 8 favorite business items I use allllll the time.

What about you? What items — digital or in your office — can you not live without?

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