The Elizabeth of Elizabeth J. Wiegner

Virtual team management is made up of so much more than spreadsheets and meetings (those endless, pointless meetings…).

It’s about connecting with your team as people who need positivity, structure, and inspiration — just like you!

I became passionate about revolutionizing leadership after being in several traditional and virtual offices…and seeing first hand the effects both terrible and wonderful management had on a business.

If a manager was terrible, it didn’t matter how great the business model was or mission was. It couldn’t grow (barely even survive)!

But when a team was treated with respect. When fair expectations were set. When processes and procedures were built that kept the good of the team in mind, then the business’s success was limitless.

I’ve also seen when business owners get so overwhelmed from not having a functional team (or a team at all!) get so overwhelmed that their lives are all consumed with work.

Everything — even family and friends and their own health — come second as they stress out over work.

And it just isn’t worth it — especially when a solid team can help give your life back.


SO much of our lives centers around work. And how you feel about the people you work alongside influences way more than just the hours you put in at work — it changes everything about your life!

Because of that, I wanted to make it my mission to help virtual business owners and managers take back control of their lives. To be able to have businesses that let you actually enjoy your life in and outside work.

And to have team members that love to work with you and with each other.

With over a decade of traditional and virtual business management, a heart that loves to make people thrive and be successful, and a brain that can see the big picture and help put processes and structures in place…I’m well equipped to help you turn your business around with straightforward, effective team management strategies.


When I’m not working with virtual business owners, I’m spending time with my awesome husband Jonathan. We get to work from home together, which is a dream come true! He’s a professional strength coach (that’s us right there after he coached me through winning first in my division at a powerlifting meet!).

We have three very, very spoiled cats (Nancy Drew, Solomon, & Penelope).

When we have time, we love to play Eurogames together and eat out at local restaurants.

Oh! I have a Peloton bike too and would love to be cycling friends — find me under DtDrPepperGirl!