Escape your 9-to-5 and
learn how to make money from home

The no-fluff, no-BS approach to work wherever, whenever you want. 

Ready to ditch the water cooler and
start working from home?

Just not sure where to start?

Or maybe you’ve already started working from home...but you’re feeling kinda stuck?

You can breathe a sigh of relief because...’re in the right place!

I know that getting your own virtual career started is exciting and overwhelming, all at the same time. 

I'm here to answer all your questions on how to 

work from home!

  • How do I get clients?
  • Should I set my own hours?
  • What rates do I charge?
  • How do I invoice?
  • What do I do about health insurance?
  • What should I focus on first?

And those just scratch the surface!

Or maybe you just know you want need to work from home,  

And you’re wondering what business should I even start?

If that’s where you’re at, that’s okay too!

Starting the work-at-home process has to start with the drive and the desire first. 

As for alllllll the questions...

well, that’s where

Ditching the Water Cooler comes in!

You won't have to worry about

  • Googling every single bit of information you don’t know.
  • Figuring out who is telling you the truth and who isn’t. 
  • Wading through article after article telling you hints and tricks...but never getting to the answers you’re looking for.
  • Planning out every step of the way, guessing if you’re doing the right thing first.

With Ditching the Water Cooler, I’ve taken the questions and the guesswork out of getting
your work-at-home business started.

And I’ve compiled it all in a no-fluff format. Ain’t nobody got time for that fluffy stuff anyway!

Dive into the work-at-home material you need to know and get actionable steps on how to make it work for youAnd then get your business started.

Let's see what you get inside 
Ditching the Water Cooler!

Each part of Ditching the Water Cooler is specifically designed to help make

your work-from-home goals a reality. 

There's no fluffy, unnecessary material you have to wade through. 

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Hey! I’m Elizabeth.

And I’m the course creator behind Ditching the Water Cooler. I’ve been an entrepreneur since the age of twelve, when I started teaching piano out of my parents’ living room. 

After a failed attempt at college, I dove into virtual work-at-home careers, and instantly fell in love with being able to work whenever I wanted to. I took a delusional, brief break to try corporate life out (because I “needed” health insurance and everyone worked in a cubicle at least once, right?). But I came back to the work-at-home life...and haven’t left it since. 

Throughout the past decade of working virtually, I’ve spent hours upon hours of Googling, researching, learning, experimenting, and trying things the hard way to figure out how to successfully make a work-at-home career,! 

As more and more people kept asking me how exactly I was able to work at home… And as I’ve heard so many people want and need to start freelancing…

I knew I could take the years of trial and error, buckets of frustrated tears, and throwing my laptop out the window (figuratively...of course!) to help other people’s dreams of working at home become a reality.

And that is why I created Ditching the Water Cooler for you.  


With Ditching the Water Cooler, I’m giving you the resources and tools to help you get started
working from!

I answer the questions I wish I had known when I got started working at home a decade ago, and the questions I get asked all the time from others wanting to get their lives started. 

What I don’t do is the work for you -- I don’t get your clients for you or do your marketing for you. I also don't teach you the specific skills you need to work from home (such as transcription, writing, customer service, etc.).

What I do share with you is reputable places online to learn those skills and apply them to your work-from-home business. 

Essentially, I give you the no-fluff, all-in-one-place blueprint to starting your work-at-home life.

Inside the course, you will learn a lot.

Each of the 15 modules and 59 units are packed with essential information you need to know to build your work-from-home career. 

Tha​t includes

  • finding your niche
  • taxes
  • health insurance
  • building your website
  • creating your brand
  • marketing offline and online
  • how to use (and not use!) social media
  • what to do once you get clients
  • how to get your mindset on the right track
  • and so much mooooooooore!

Aaaaand I also give you the encouragement

-- and sometimes the kick in the hiney --

you need to make it all happen. 

Take a tour inside
the course!

Allllll that -- 15 modules and 59 units

 + Business Builder Workbook -- for just $97! 

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Is This Course Right for You?

I'm going to be completely upfront with you, because I want you to be 200% confident when you dive into this course that you made the right decision and are ready to work to succeed.

If you're looking to...

  • Get rich quick
  • Skim through the course and workbook
  • Give up when the going gets tough
  • Expect to automatically get clients just because you went through the course
  • Have me do the work for you... need to go find another course to take.

This one won't be a good fit for you.

Working at home isn’t for people just wanting to do the minimal amount of work.

It isn’t for those looking to make six figures in just a couple months.

It isn’t for the excuse makers.

And it sure as heck isn’t for the people wanting someone else to do all their work for them. 

Starting your own business takes a lot of work.

It takes determination and diligence. Passion and patience. A willingness to learn, to make mistakes, and to pick yourself up when the going gets tough. 

Because it’s not easy. Nor is it always fun. 

But let me tell you. If you are willing to do the work to make it’s so worth it.

Whew, okay. I'm glad we were able to be upfront with each other and make sure this is the right course for you. 

Are you still with me? 

Business Builders Workbook

Business Builders is your personal, 87-page workbook to help you take the course and turn it into actionable, achievable steps.

No guessing what to do next or wondering if you're applying the course correctly!

Business Builders Workbook is specifically designed that by the time you have worked through the course and this workbook, you will have your business built!

So let's recap. You get...

👉 15 modules

👉 59 units

👉 87-page Business Builders Workbook help turn your work-from-home goals into reality.

All for just $97

That sounds like a pretty incredible deal to ditch your 9-to-5 and start your new career. 

What do you think?

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