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How to Build Self-Confidence Working from Home

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“What’s obvious to you is amazing to others.”
– American author and entrepreneur Derek Sivers

How many times have you thought about working from home but didn’t have the self-confidence to make it happen. 

Maybe you wondered if what you want to do just isn’t good enough?

Or you’ve already taken the dive into working from home…but you’re stressing out about getting clients, worried if anyone will even hire you.

You start having confidence-crushing thoughts like,

Why would anyone want to pay me to do [fill in your skill here]?

What if I’m not good enough at what I do?

What if people think I’m dumb for trying to [fill in your skill here] for them?

Why would someone pay me instead of my competitor?

You aren’t alone!

I’ve felt all these…sometimes multiple times in one crazy week.

And I know I’m not by myself with those fears, because I’ve heard the same worry from countless other entrepreneurs as well.

So if you struggle with the same worries, the same creeping fears, know you aren’t alone!

Even better, know there is a way to deal with those nagging fears and build self-confidence working from home.

The key to building self-confidence

The key to overcoming those worries and becoming confident in what you can do is realizing what’s obvious to you is amazing to others.

There are four crucial points to help you remember what you do is pretty impressive — and invaluable — to your clients.

(And they’re reminders I tell myself all the time too!)

1. What you’re good at, a lot of other people are terrible at — even if it’s something basic.

I proofread. It comes to me naturally, and if I can’t figure a weird grammar rule or spelling out, I have the resources easily available to figure it out.

But for other people, proofreading is either straight up hard or they have no idea how to proofread. So they are willing to pay for my skill because they just don’t know how to do it.

2. Your skill is something you love…but often it’s something someone else can’t stand doing, so they’re willing to pay just for the convenience of not having to do their least favorite task.

I love to help business owners put systems in place. Get in, look at what’s going on, what their pain points are, and then how to organize their business so it runs more smoothly. One part of that is developing SOPs (standard operating procedures) for them and their teams.

While business owners often can put their their SOPs together, they hate the process and would much rather have someone else do it for them — and that’s where my skills come into play.

3. A lot of people are busy and they just don’t have time to do what you can do for them. So they’re willing to exchange money for having time not to concentrate on a project.

One of my favorite emails I’ve gotten back from a very busy client was when she told me she could sleep because of me. It’s not that she didn’t have the know-how or the ability to do my skill. It’s just she didn’t have the time to do it. So she paid me so she could actually get some sleep in her life!

4. Some clients simply don’t want to do a project. They have enough resources to pay for someone to do a project they don’t want to worry about — so they do!

One of my clients was a very successful blogger who had gotten to the point where she didn’t want to handle a lot of the aspects of her business. She could afford to pay me to run her business for her so she wouldn’t have to think about it.

Putting that health self-confidence into practice

See how there are four very significant reasons why someone would want to hire us for the skills we have? Even if our skills feel basic to us?

Sometimes we get so caught up worrying we won’t be good enough or wondering why anyone would care to work with us. We make up imaginary problems and stress out over them.

And then we let those imaginary problems hold us back from actually getting to use our skills and make a difference. A difference in our lives — and our future clients’ lives too.

The next time you start to doubt yourself, start thinking about those four reasons why someone would want to hire you! And then stop letting that worry paralyze your progress.

Be confident in what you can do. Be confident your skills are needed.

And then go out there, build your self-confidence, and be successful.

How do you build your self-confidence working from home? Let me know in the comments over on the Live I did on the key to being confident when you work from home!

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