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Six Reasons Why I Work from Home (and why you should too!)

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My entrepreneurial, work-from-home journey started nearly 20 years ago! And it has definitely been an experience.

I’m not going to lie: Even though working from home is ah-mazing and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, it hasn’t always been a bed of roses.

I’ve definitely had moments like this…

and this…

(Any excuse to use cat gifs, right? 😂)

But seriously. There have been a lot of rough days (and a whole. lot. of super awesome days, don’t get me wrong!).

On those days though, where I’m putting in a ton of hours, feel super tired, and seem like I’m taking two steps backwards…what’s keeps me going is my work-from-home whys. The reasons I decided to be an entrepreneur.

Even on the incredible days, I still need direction — a reason — a WHY for what I’m doing. For leaving my 9-to-5. For doing something a bit out of the norm.

Because without knowing why I’m working from home, I’d get lost on that journey.

And the same is true for you! Whether you’re already working for home or you’re just thinking about getting started, knowing your why (or whys!) is important crucial to being successful as an entrepreneur.

Knowing your why for working at home is actually the very first thing I go over with my students in Ditching the Water Cooler. We don’t jump into how to get skills or how to market ourselves to clients or how to manage our clients once we get them. We start by digging down into what each of our whys are.

Because your whys gives you

  • Direction
  • Hope
  • Meaning
  • Security
  • Reason
  • Motivation
  • Encouragement

I know sometimes people worry that the reason they work from home may seem lame or dumb or even selfish to other people.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter what other people think about your whys. 

What matters is if they motivate and encourage you.

Take my whys for instance. My whys may seem a little weird to some people. I don’t have health issues that make it difficult for me to have an “outside” job. And I don’t have kids.

Two major reasons why people work from home.

But my whys work for me. 

For instance, I like to work from home because…

1. I don’t have an income cap.

For me, working a 9-to-5 meant I was pretty much stuck making $15-20 an hour for the rest of my life because I don’t have a college degree.

Working from home gives me the chance to learn skills, rather than a degree on a piece of paper, and allows me to charge the price my skills are actually worth. As long as I keep improving my skills, whether through figuring things out on my own or taking courses, I can be sure my value — and paycheck! — will go up with current or future clients.

2. I can be my own boss.

I love being able to work under my own standards and for my own goals, not ones someone else has set for me!

There’s something about be able to have my own business, where I call the shots on how much I get paid, who I will and won’t work for, and what I will and won’t do in my business.

3. I work when I actually work best.

I am not. a. morning. person. Like, NOT at all.


A 9-to-5 requires you to work, well, 9 to 5.  And since I sleep poorly and don’t wake up quickly, having to be up and actually functioning at my job by 9 in the morning…is pretty stinking miserable. Not to mention my quality of work is not the greatest.

Working from home lets me to work when I’m most alert and can function the best. I can sleep in until I’m rested enough, and then start work later in the morning when I’m feeling alert. My work output is SO much better too!

4.  I can take breaks whenever and however long I need to.

Most days, once I sit down to work, I’m on a roll.

I only take breaks when I'm not on a roll

I can knock projects out and get stuff done.

But then there are some days where I cannot focus. My brain is tired, and I can’t put two comprehensible sentences together.

On those days, I don’t have to worry about having to get a mental health day off approved from HR. I just close my laptop lid and take a break. For a whole day if I need to.

And then when I get back to work, I feel so much better — and work way better too!

5. I work in PJ pants and tank tops.

One company I worked for when I had a 9-to-5 had a — no joke — sixteen-page dress code. Y’all, it was terrible. It took longer to get ready i the morning. I had to buy clothes that weren’t cheap.

And it definitely wasn’t comfy walking around in pantyhose eight hours a day.

Working from home — I can wear my PJ pants and tank tops if I want! As long as I don’t have a meeting with a client, I’m free to be as comfy as I want while I work. 

And I love that.

6. I get to spend every day with my husband.

When I had a “traditional” job, I didn’t get to see my husband much. At times, we were both working multiple jobs. In the evenings we were exhausted from our day at work. And the weekends were busy catching up on stuff we didn’t get done during the week.

Guys, my husband is my very best friend. I married him because I wanted to spend all the time with him I could.

And it just didn’t make sense the majority of our lives were spent chained to a desk or in annoying commutes…and free times spent worn out from work…instead of with each other.

Now, my husband gets to work from home with me! And I get to bug him whenever I want!

To be clear, we don’t just stare into each other’s eyes all the time 😂 We’re both pretty busy with our clients and own work projects.

But it’s just an awesome feeling to know that if we need each other for something — even if it’s to snort-laugh over something stupid — we’re just down the hallway from each other.

And that’s something working a 9-to-5 just never allowed us to have. 

Could you relate to any of those whys?

Or did they seem kinda…dumb…to you?

It’s totally fine if they are nothing like yours.

What’s important is you find what motivates you. What keeps you going when life gets crazy. Or even what gives you the drive to get started working from home…right now!

What do you think?

What are your whys that keep you motivated on your work-from-home journey? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’re wanting to read other work-from-home whys other than mine, you have to check out this awesome article. It’s a compilation of 47 whys from people who work from home — entrepreneurs with lots of different backgrounds, skills, motivations. It’s SO encouraging. And I think you’ll love it just as much as I did putting it together. Check it out!

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